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Teacher’s Voice




The exchange programs here at Nagisa are an integral part of our curriculum. In our junior high program, we spend class time preparing our students in conversational and communication skills. This helps our students interact and get to know exchange students from all over the world, including New Zealand and Thailand. We strive to connect the two cultures with language exchange activities in the classroom, and other local experiences with Nagisa host families. Throughout it all, the most important aspect is for our students and the exchange students to enjoy the experiences they have together.
In high school, students are given the chance to become “student guides” for the various exchange programs in the year. These student guides take the exchange students to the Peace Park, Miyajima, and more, and are paramount to the success of these field trips. The student guides not only plan sightseeing courses for the exchange students, but act as translators and interpreters during the outings. They study the areas they will be leading students to in order to answer any questions the exchange students may have. The student guide program offers a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn “omotenashi” skills and how to apply them globally.





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